Machine translations are constantly improving in quality. For some purposes, however, a mere machine-translated text will not do.

This is because a machine lacks language and cultural sensitivity and has no sense of nuances, all of which are decisive factors for successful communication. So be on the safe side and have your texts edited professionaly before publication. Your clients and partners will certainly appreciate it. Don't forget: a text adds to the first impression your future clients and partners will have of your company. And, if it is a good text, it shows respect for the reader.


In post-editing I optimise your machine translations in terms of spelling, grammar, style and context. I edit your texts to the degree you find appropriate and spend as much time on them as you ask me to. So let's give your machine translations the human touch!


I provide post-editing in the following fields:

– business & management

– marketing & advertising

– accounting & finance

– HR & training and development

– logistics & production



– economics
– politics & society

– media & entertainment

– education

– tourism & culture