Transcreators are copywriters who speak a second language or translators who can write. And they should be as transcreation is the art of getting your message across in another language. Your English marketing text needs to be translated into German? Very often you cannot do this word by word. A phrase or slogan which sounds great in English, because it rhymes or there is a nice word play, often does not in the target language. That is because other rules apply. So you need someone creative, someone who can play with words and has a thorough understanding of how languages work. Someone who at the same time will get the message and the tone of the original across and has experience in copywriting. And, finally, someone who is familiar with your German target audience, their way of living and thinking.


Having spent most of my working life as an editor in the world of texts and languages, concepts and layouts, readers and target groups, I have worked with marketing experts on a regular basis and thus gained experience in copywriting. So if you need your English marketing texts to be creatively adapted to German audiences, I would be happy to provide transcreation services for you. As I am a native German living in Germany, I know how we Germans tick. Let this be of use to your marketing messages!


Your company plans to go global and you need your website to be matched to the target market? Transcreation is also very important for website localisation. I would be happy to offer you my services on this exciting road ahead!


You would like to get an idea of my work? Request a short test translation and see if we speak the same language.