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Do you need a business or marketing translation? Does your text need proofreading? Or are you looking for a language professional providing transcreation?


Welcome to TEXTECHT translations! echt is German and means real, genuine and natural. And this is how a translated text should read: natural – so you do not realise that it is a translation. In a more figurative way, echt also means whole and passionate as well as solid and correct. And indeed, this is how I approach my work – with passion and perfection in order to provide accurate translations that meet the requirements of your company and target audience.


I am an English-German translator specialising in business, economical and marketing texts. Learn more about my services.

German-English translations TEXTECHT Jana Fritz


Fast and reliable English to German translations in a variety of fields –

handled with care and expertise.

German-English translations transcreation TEXTECHT Jana Fritz


Creative translation of your marketing and advertising texts that will resonate with your German target audience.

German-English translations post-editing TEXTECHT Jana Fritz


Optimisation of your machine-translated texts by improving them stylistically and giving them the human touch.