Making your messages matter.

Do you need a business translation? Or do you want your marketing messages stand out and resonate with your German audience? I'm here to help you make the best of your texts and grow your business in the DACH market.


Welcome to TEXTECHT translations! echt is German and means real, genuine and natural. And this is how a translated text should read: natural – so you do not realise that it is a translation. In a more figurative way, echt also means whole and passionate as well as solid and correct. And this is how I approach my work – with passion and perfection to provide accurate translations that meet the expectations of your company and target audience.


I am an English-German translator specialising in business and marketing texts. How can I help you? Learn more about my services.

German-English translations TEXTECHT Jana Fritz


Fluent and accurate English to German translations in fields such as business, managament and HR –

handled with care and expertise.

German-English translations transcreation TEXTECHT Jana Fritz


Adequate and creative rendering of your marketing messages and advertising copy into German so that your texts resonate
 with your target audience.