English-German translations

Accurate. Natural. To the point

As a state-certified English-German translator specialising in business and marketing translations and a German native speaker I will  make sure that your texts and messages stand out and resonate with your German-speaking audiences. Living in Germany and having worked as an in-house copy editor for several German publishing houses for more than 10 years, I am perfectly familiar with the rules and nuances of the German language and know how the Germans tick (if there is such as thing as the Germans at all). Due to this experience I can guarantee that my texts will read naturally so your readers won't know it's a translation. Whatever you want to get across – information, ideas, emotion – I will make sure the German text does exactly that.

You need a website localisation or a creative rendering of your marketing assets or advertising copy? Usually, this requires more than a translation. Read here why a transcreation might be your preferred choice.

Areas of specialisation

I provide translations in:

– Business & General Management

– Marketing & Advertising

– Human Ressources

– Learning &  Development


– Logistics & Production

– Media & Entertainment

– Education

– Tourism & Culture

Types of texts:

– non-fiction and textbooks

– newspaper and magazine articles

– training materials

– company presentations

– internal business communication



Please let me know if you have any special requests. I'm sure we will find the perfect solution for your needs.