Transcreation services

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic. (Seth Godin)

What is transcreation?

Have you ever had the experience that what you intended to say didn't correspond to what the person you were talking to understood? Failed acts of communication or the prevention of such is particularly relevant in marketing contexts. A "simple" translation (well translations are rarely simple, but that's another story) that keeps close to the original usually won't do. Inadequately rendered marketing copy sounds technical and akward at best, but in the worst case it puts off your audience or even  seriously damages your brand. This is because marketing messages transport more than the actual words; they contain a whole world of concepts and emotions. A slogan or headline that sounds great in English – because it rhymes or makes use of a clever word play – often does not in the target language. That's because different rules apply.

This is where transcreators come in. Basically put, transcreation is two services rolled into one: translation + creation (i.e. coypwriting). Transcreators faithfully render a source text into a target text (translation) but, where necessary, also create new copy (creation) based on your campaign objectives and brand strategy. Their aim is to make your messages resonate with your target audience. That said it may not be surprising that transcreation is a thorough and creative process requiring not only excellent writing skills but also more time than a standard translation. And what's even more important: transcreators should have a solid understanding of marketing.

Three reasons why I'm your ideal transcreator

Writing skills: Having spent most of my working life as a copy editor and translator, I've crafted and optimised hundreds of texts on a wide range of topics. To further hone my writing skills I've just recently taken a copywriting class.

Marketing basics:  During my time as an in-house copy editor I worked closely with marketers and target groups, gaining precious experience in that area. I also consult marketing textbooks once in a while because you never stop learning, do you?

Close to your market: As a native German living and working in Germany, I'm familiar with German culture and in touch with the latest trends. This will help me make your marketing messages matter.

Users prefer websites in their mother tongue

Your company is expanding to the DACH market and you want your website to attract German-speaking consumers and businesses? Transcreation is also important for website localisation. According to a Gallup survey commissioned by the European Commission 90% of consumers prefer visiting websites in their own language. So let's work together to attract them to your (localised) website.